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I’m looking in the mirror for the millionth time, unimpressed and uninspired. I can’t help it. “It’s genetics,” I tell myself. No matter what dress I wear, I still look flat.

But I don’t have a choice; there’s only two hours left before the ceremony starts. Just as I prepare to walk out of the dressing room, my friend pops her head in.

“Are you wearing a bra? Your boobs look tiny!”

As we grow older, many of us worry about hitting the specific milestones that’s expected at our age: graduating from school, finding a stable job, getting married, having kids. It’s what our society dictates, and if we try our hardest at feigning ignorance towards these milestones, those around us and those close to us will continue to pressurize us until we do care.

So Tiffany, when are you going to get married?