About Me

Make yourself a priority because at the end of the day you are your longest commitment.

Hi there!

I’m Tiffany Sun, and I….have some of the craziest, most tragic & sincere stories you’d ever read.

Not because I’m an emotional writer (well maybe that’s a part of it), but mainly because I feel my life is far from “normal.”

A few instances:
I’m Chinese but I hate Chinese food. My family fed me so much of that greasy, carb-loading slop that I just feel sick thinking about it.

I had the perfect relationship with someone I’d been with for 9.5 years. It ended when I realized he no longer cared about me and walked away to find the “perfect” girl.

I worked at many corporate companies, thinking I’d be finally happy to “settle down.” But I broke myself off to work for a startup.

I used to dread writing, deep down to my bones. And now I’m super passionate about it!

There’s many more crazy things you’re probably curious to know about me, about life, which I’d love to share. Some good. Some bad.

Whatever it is, I learn from it and break it down into a nice, bite-sized life lesson. That way, you can reflect on who you are now and hopefully take baby steps to achieving your best self.

After all, I believe there’s always room to improve. Doesn’t matter if it’s against your genetics, the way you work, or how incredible you think you are…

Anyone can be better.

So if you’re looking to upgrade yourself or simply need something to read on the toilet, don’t worry. I got you. 😉

Questions? Personal or business inquiries? Or just want to say “hi”?
Email me at misstiffanysun@gmail.com.

I read every email, and will do my best to get back to you! 🙂

Much ❤️s!