I Made a Mistake, and I’m Not Hiding It

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I published a video last week about why I quit my job to start traveling. I had intended it to be short, so I only mentioned the last corporate job I worked at and my reasons for leaving it after working there for only 3 months.

The video made me look bad, or “whiny and immature” as someone else called it. A helpful fan of mine (thanks Dan!) had even made the suggestion of taking the video down to avoid others seeing me in a bad light.

There are 3 things in life you can never recover in life: The word after it’s been said the moment after it’s been missed and the time after it’s gone.

When Being Cheap Backfired on Me

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When I came to Vietnam, I chose a more expensive ($1200/month) Airbnb to live in.

I figured if I spent a little more on accommodation with a spacious bedroom, a comfortable couch, a fully-equipped kitchen and a nice working table, it would help me focus more while working at home. That, to me, was a worthwhile investment.

Time is what we want most but what we use worst.