Today, I woke up a bit upset.

Last night, the people in the apartment next to mine had a party and blasted music until 5am. It was so loud that even with earplugs, I could hear the vibration, and so, I couldn’t sleep.

Normally when I don’t get enough sleep because of distractions like these, I wake up with the mindset that my entire day is going to turn to shit. And it usually does, because I make it that way.

But today, I didn’t want my emotions to interfere with my work and impair my productivity. So I tried to fight it.

As I tried to ‘reason’ with my emotions and asked myself why I felt this way, pieces of memory from my travels flashed through my mind — people sleeping on the streets, families eating dinner on the floor, people selling their goods in the hot sun — these were people who were less fortunate and had less opportunities, yet make the most of what they have each day — without much complaint.

It made me think how miniscule my problem was compared to theirs and how absurd it would be to feel upset over something so minor.

If there’s one thing these people have made me realize, it’s this:

No matter what problems you face, somebody else will have it worse. Why be upset when you have things to be grateful for — a roof over your head, access to internet and a bed to sleep on is already more than what some have.

Most things don’t matter and most problems aren’t problems unless you make it so.