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I’ve sweated, but never like this before.

Face flushed, pores oozing; the sweat forming a puddle.

I’m grossed out, but I got other things on my mind:
Who in their right mind does yoga at 105 degrees?

My past three years have been filled with similar experiences; me trying out new and different things.

A therapist (yes, I’ve tried that too) suggests it might be a way to cope with the aftereffects of my 9 1/2 year breakup, but I disagree. I genuinely, positively, love trying new experiences.

I’ve come from a sheltered upbringing; love and affection showered upon me — something I’ll forever be grateful for, but ultimately the reason for my lack of fundamental knowledge and experiences to be able to survive on my own.

So given the opportunity to live the life I want now, I live for these moments, of being able to experience the joy and thrills of something for the very first time, of being able to relate to other people’s experiences, of being able to define who I am as a result of these experiences.

And it makes me wonder, why aren’t most people like me? Have they gotten so used to the comforts of a routine life that they’ve forgotten the stimulation of new experiences?

People make excuses when it comes to trying new things. I’m talking beyond just trying new foods — I’m talking about stepping out of your comfort zone, out of the everyday predictability of life to learn a new hobby, new sport, new activity, new skills.

Ever wanted to learn to code but never got the chance to? What’s stopping you? What’s so important that you can’t make the time to learn?

Want to learn how to cook? Why aren’t you? So what if you’re terrible at cooking? We all start from the bottom and trust me, no matter how bad your cooking is, it probably can’t compare to eating pig brains in Vietnam.

Want to learn to write? Screw the computer, just pick up a good old notebook and start writing, pen to paper. Let your thoughts flow.

There will be things you wish you’ve never tried.

But for every negative experience you’ve had, there will several amazing ones, and occasionally, something so stunning and unforgettable, will become your passion and a reason to keep moving forward.

We’ve all started our lives by learning and trying new things — it’s why we have the friends we do, why we’re in the relationships we’re in, why we’re working at the jobs we are — and at some point, we made the decision to try by initiating a conversation, agreeing to go on a date, sending in a job application. And it’s worked out for us, hasn’t it? So why stop now?

I’m rebuilding my life by discovering who I am, learning what I’m capable of after a 9 year heartbreak that left me stranded in China.

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