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As a writer, I get asked a lot of questions about how to grow on Medium. I try to answer each one thoroughly, expanding on things that have worked for me.

But occasionally, I get really frustrated.

“Tiffany, I followed exactly what you said but even after x, y and z, I still got nothing!”

That’s not how advice works. It’s not meant to be taken literally.

The actual value of advice isn’t really the advice itself, but what you can take out of it that’s applicable to you.

When I say you should try doing x, y or z, it’s because that’s what worked for me, but it doesn’t in any way guarantee you of the same results. Advice is a way for someone to provide insight based on their own experiences, and because my past experience is unique to me, it’s not something you can expect to fully replicate.

Advice is just advice. It’s in no way a guide to life or success.
All it is, is an opinion. Nothing else.

Thanks for reading! ❤️ If you’re interested in how to grow on Medium, my friend is starting a 100 Day Journey that documents his growth on Medium. You can read it here.

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