Some people thrive on silence when they study, work, or read. But for others (especially myself), listening to music helps us tune in with our work.

We become immune to distasteful sounds, like the blending of coffee, the jabbering of colleagues, our email notifications, even the tapping of our own keyboard. And before we know it, we’re knocking out tasks, one-by-one, at a blistering pace.

Which music will help me get more work done?

Good question.

  • Music you’re familiar with
  • Music with no lyrics
    Source: A 2006 study by NCBI.
  • Natural sounds (waves hitting the beach, birds chirping, splashes of a waterfall)
    Source: A 2015 study by Scitation.

The idea is to relax your mind, so you can easily shift 100% of your attention to the one tasks that you’re working on. The less brain juice you use to process the song, the more you can inject into your creativity.

Luckily, I’m a huge fan of Spotify who constantly browses through songs that speeds up my productivity and helps me get more work done. Here are my top picks that you can listen to while you hustle away at your office, at a coffeeshop, at home, or anywhere you go.

I hope it works out for you!

Note: Click the play button to listen to the song.

Coffee & Cafe Vibe

Drip Bossa by Cafe Music BGM channel

Cappuccino Bossa by Cafe Music BGM channel

Jazz Affogato by Cafe Music BGM channel

Lunch Bossa by Cafe Music BGM channel

The Girl from Ipanema by Chris Ingham

Smooth Instrumental

A Warm Breeze (Solo piano) by Robbins Island Music Group

Rainbow Hope Medley by The O’Neill Brothers Group

Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi

Reminiscence by Johannes Bornlof

Wishful Sora (Wishful Sky) by Izumi Tanaka

Emotions — Instrumental by James Horner

The Young Sabina by Jaque Di Palma

Nature Sounds

Rain Forest Birds by Nature Sounds — Nature Music for Sleep, Yoga, and Relaxation

Good Night Rain by Nature Sounds

Calming Waves on a Pebble Beach by Rest & Relax Nature Sounds Artists