Never be satisfied with who you are

Whenever someone asks me whether I’m satisfied with my life, with myself, I tell them,

“Not quite.”

I’m not trying to sound pessimistic here. I just don’t feel completely content with where and who I am right now, because there’s so many things I’ve yet to accomplish.

Some of you might say this way of thinking — never being satisfied with yourself — is unhealthy or even a tad depressing. But from the way I see it, having this mindset pushes your expectations for everything. Relationships. Work. The way you look. Even weekend plans.

You nudge yourself to do greater things the average person wouldn’t do.
You aim for the best instead of settling for second-best.
You go for what you truly desire instead of living in comfort.

And the thing is, you never, ever, stop.

You’re just not fully satisfied.

Ever wonder why people you admire succeed while others don’t?

It’s because they keep striving towards their goals, to improve their game, day by day.

These are the people who fly first class, have millions of followers, run dozens of successful businesses and have the best hairdo to boot, all because they constantly remind themselves,

“I can do better.”

And you know what’s crazy? So can you.

All it takes is your willingness to do more, and eventually you’ll run into more opportunities that could potentially turn your life around.

So never be satisfied. You can be proud of who you are and how far you’ve come, but don’t stop hustling because there will always be more room for improvement.

Published by Tiffany Sun

I’m rebuilding my life by discovering who I am and what I’m capable of after being cast away and stranded in China.

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