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Let’s face the truth.

A girl with makeup on is more likely to get hired on the spot. More likely to get a larger scoop of ice cream from an ice cream store. And most definitely be asked on a second date after meeting a guy she just met online a few days ago.

Not only do you see many pretty-faced girls in real life, but online as well. Take a minute to skim through your connections’ profiles on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Medium…and I bet you most of the girls you’ve checked out (have no shame, gals!) have makeup on.

I, too, am the very same. But there’s a reason why I do.

Let me walk you through my life so you can see how I started changing how I looked.

The Beginning

It struck me in middle school, the one thing all girls hate going through — yes, puberty. Even though my arms started growing out faster than my legs did, I was NOT concerned with my looks at all. I pretty much wore anything my mom bought me — super discounted clothes from Ross and Macy’s that were either oversized or unfashionable. I kept the same hairstyle for 8+ years: a straight, horizontal cut. I didn’t shave my legs (embarrassingly to say). I just didn’t give a damn what people thought.

But then I changed…in high school. Almost every single girl wore makeup, and usually a swarm of guys would surround her from every side, like hungry customers do when they spot a delectable-looking food sample at Costco. These girls were pure eye candies for the guys, and they drove all the attention away from girls who, unfortunately, couldn’t do makeup. Sadly to say, I was one of those girls.

Now, I’m pretty sure most of you have felt this at one point during your high school — a struggle to belong, a struggle to be accepted by those you want to be with. And you know, high school is the time where everyone has their own niche group to be with. You got the populars, the jockeys, the normals, the nerds (the booksmart ones), the gamers, and the loners. For girls, it was all about getting into the popular group. And in order to get in, you had to wear makeup.

That was my goal. With that, I grabbed every single dollar and coin from my mini-bank box, saved up from the past three years, and headed straight to the shopping mall to check out all makeup brands: M.A.C., Loreal, Shiseido, Chanel, Dior, Lancôme, you name it! $1,000 worth of cosmetics. No holding back. Ka-ching.

My mom, as the conservative she is, freaked out when she found me pulling out these expensive brand cosmetics, one-by-one, from my huge stash into the bathroom.

Are you crazy?! $1,000 for all of those cosmetics??? Did you get them on sale?

I expected a response like this. After all, she’s the type that NEVER buys anything on regular price. It would either have to be on sale, clearance, or be coupon-usable. If I gave her the slightest clue on my plan, I would have nothing.

So I said nothing.

The next morning, I picked up a brush and an eye shadow palette. It was time to be a NEW me.

I strolled across where all the popular girls hanged out, my head held high. The chattering stopped. Heads turned.

Oh yeah! This makeup really works like a charm!

What was once silence suddenly erupted into snickers, which then exploded into ear-bleeding laughter. My heart immediately sunk.

Why were they laughing?

I raced to the bathroom and looked at my reflection. My makeup had smeared all over my eyes like a beat-up panda. I looked just…awful. The bell rang. Class was starting. Yet, I lingered in the bathroom ‘til no one was around, walked home, and locked myself in my room for the rest of the day.

The Turning Point

After many painful attempts of putting on makeup (thanks to observing girls like Michelle Phan and Fromheadtotoe do their makeup on Youtube), I finally succeeded. I knew this because a random guy came up to me one day while I was grocery shopping and told me how pretty my face looked. It felt good — to finally be able to do makeup right.

From that point on, I wore makeup everyday, even if it was just working out at the gym as my whole day’s plan, rain or shine. Makeup made me feel confident. Strong. Happy. And when you come across a confident girl who smiles your way, you can’t help but want to talk to her, right?

Some people say “oh, you don’t need to put makeup on. You look beautiful as you are.” Those would usually be the comments from girls who can’t do makeup, girls who don’t wear makeup at all, or guys (particularly those who struggle to get a girl).

Or it could be from someone who truly sees the beauty of the person pass their makeup mask.

As much as I would love more people in the world like that, there’s only a tiny fraction of them around. Most people are shallow and I hate to say this, but first impression is everything. And by first impression, it’s all about how the person looks.

I wish the world didn’t emphasize beauty as someone who needs to pat layers of powder on her face and apply fake lashes on her eyes. The only reason why makeup stores exist and why so many girls wear makeup — whether they go all out like Effie Trinket from Hunger Games or keep it minimal with just foundation), is because our society positively reinforces them. We encourage them.

Positive reinforcements include:

  • Nice compliments
  • Attention
  • Free gifts, free drinks, cheaper discounts
  • Bigger portion of food on the plate
  • Higher tips (especially as a waitress or hair stylist)
  • Better job opportunities
  • More and/or faster promotions
  • A higher chance of reeling in a wealthy, well-reputable man

…and these are just a few of the hundreds of perks you can get by wearing makeup.

Some girls take makeup to their full advantage to obtain all those perks. I don’t blame them though — they’re only doing what they could do to live a better life. And you know, everyone looks for ways to benefit themselves too. I mean, if you can find a “shortcut” to succeed in life without harming yourself or others, I’m pretty sure you would.

Well, makeup is one of those hidden “shortcuts.” You might think it’s a deceitful tool for a girl to “cheat” her way in life and get what she wants, but I see it giving more light than dark. The only harm it can possibly do is make other girls feel insecure (but hey, that’s something they have to deal with). Other than that, use makeup if you truly feel confident and happy and it makes your life easier. Do what you got to do to make your life better — after all, that’s what everyone else is doing.

Be beautiful~

I’m rebuilding my life by discovering who I am, learning what I’m capable of after a 9 year heartbreak that left me stranded in China.

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