Dear younger Tiffany,

You’re lucky to live in the U.S, where everything you want is either a quick drive or a click away like home appliances, games, clothes & accessories, cuisine of all cultures and types, even things we don’t really need but buy anyways.

But watch out.

These things, these easily attainable, disposable things, can quickly get you hooked onto a false sense of happiness. A temporary high. A quick fix to all of life’s problems. You might feel the urge to buy more, to own more, as a way of feeling good about yourself and your life, but the truth is, you won’t ever be satisfied by this alone. Not if it lasts a few hours, anyways.

Happiness isn’t about having more stuff. It’s about learning things you haven’t tried, spending time with people you care about, exploring places you haven’t been to, and investing in experiences that will continue to help you grow.

This is the happiness you seek – from experiences, not things.

You might be afraid at first to step outside of your box and do your own thing, but I promise you, if you try, you’ll realize there’s so much more to life than spending all of your hard-earned money on things that don’t really matter.

Try it out.

Join a hot pilates class.
Attend some Meetups.
Visit a country you have never been to.
Cook a homemade meal with a good friend.
Surprise your boo to go on a spontaneous trip with you.
Dye your hair blonde.

You’ll start becoming a risk taker. An experienced story-teller. A remarkable young lady with huge dreams and ambitions.

I can’t say how you’ll turn out in the future, as I could only see things from the past, but from the way things are looking, experiences definitely make you happier.

So with that said, go out and empower yourself with experiences.

Future Tiffany