A lot of people tell me their jobs are boring.

Their boss is annoying.
They don’t feel close with colleagues.
They don’t have time for family, friends or fun.

A whole bunch of reasons.

It’s a common scenario I’m sure most of us struggle with when growing our career. And usually we quit our job, hoping the next one will feel more fulfilling and align with our lifestyle better.

Only to realize that there’s another problem with the job.

But why blame the job?

It didn’t purposely try to make you unhappy in the first place. It didn’t intend to make your life hard.

It was you who chose this role, this company, this work culture…and all the little perks that come with the hiring package.

I began to understand this the longer I worked at my recruiting company.

Even though I was paid well (over $40k/year + commission) and enjoyed tons of perks (free Friday lunches & free laptop), I was sick of doing the same task — calling unemployed people to see if they needed a job.

It took 4 months before I realized that money and perks, alone, don’t make me happy in a job. Being able to learn more than what the job description required, did. And unfortunately, my recruiting job gave no leeway to expand my talent.

So I left my job and joined a startup.

Photo Credit: Eloise Ambursley
Now there’s a few ways to cope with a job you don’t really like, to make your work feel more meaningful.

1. Get creative with your work.

If it pains you to get through the day, try thinking of new ways to do your job.

Automate your tasks. Ask others what their work process is like. Learn their successes, learn their mistakes. Research how to do one task better.

If you can make everyday a new lesson for yourself, you won’t feel as bored or tired at work. In fact, you might be more inspired to push yourself further.

2. Set some time for yourself.

Work is stressful because you chose to make it stressful. That’s why it’s crucial to take a break.

Watch some Youtube videos.
Treat yourself to your favorite snack.
Read a couple Medium stories.
Take a 5-min power walk outside.

This’ll instantly balance out your work-life and reenergize your mood, so you wouldn’t feel suffocated at work.

3. Work for yourself.

“Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.”

~Jim Rohn

If you can’t get the results you expect from your job, why not work for yourself?

What I mean by this is, you can expand your knowledge, learn new skills, grow an online following, run a side project.

It’s something I like to call “permanent value” because you can always use this to showcase your “portfolio” to bigger, more influential companies.

Yes, it might soak up more of your time. But you’ll automatically stand out from the norm, giving you a whole new bucket of opportunities and attractive offers.

4. Leave your job & go for another.

If you’re 100% sure your current job won’t make you happy, go for another.

Just make sure you understand what it is you essentially want in a job. Is it the challenges that come with the job? Financial stability? Company culture? A well-lit environment?

Once you know what you want for your job, you’ll have nothing more to complain about.

  1. Russ Johnson
    Apr 13, 2018

    Miss tiffany

    Their is nothing I enjoy more than reading your writing about life so many of your story’s relate to my life,like you my heart was torn and I didn’t want admit it and I held on to what was a glimmer of hope…But at the time we had four children any way we broke up i got all the kids and life goes on..NO REGRETS… like you I learned life lesson, I retired from work I bought a new jeep and now I enjoy traveling I travel by train and my jeep I enjoy traveling by train cause you meet so many different people But then I enjoy traveling by jeep cause you can take your time and see the beauty in the places you travel thru…
    Your writings tell me your a beautiful person not only on the outside but the inside…I’ve read all your writings some of them more than once ,There is so much truth in your writings…I thank you. 🙂 if your ever in the San Francisco area I would love to have lunch/ dinner with you….Keep writing…

    Russ Johnson

    • Tiffany Sun
      Apr 16, 2018

      Russ, I’m really glad we have very similar life experiences and that many of my stories resonates with you. ‘Life’ happens, but it’s always about moving forward and learning from your experiences and of course enjoying what you do. So I’m glad you’re traveling by train and with your jeep – keep exploring, keep traveling.

      Thank you for this sweet note. I’m not sure when I’d be back in SF but until then I hope to talk to you soon. 🙂