I write a lot. I started writing three years ago and the amount of writing I’ve done has gradually increased year after year.

At first, I wrote because I wanted to vent my thoughts, express my feelings the only way I knew how, when friends and family couldn’t understand what I had been going through.

But as I kept writing, writing became more of a way for me to instead reflect upon my experiences and draw lessons from the past. It allowed me to see, with greater clarity, what I could’ve done and should’ve done.

And as I continued to write now, writing has instead evolved into a way for me to find my inner voice, a way to speak with transparency about the things I care about, a way to embrace the values I live for.

As I become more practiced with writing, I struggle to find my identity. I struggle with genuineness. Is the person writing this really the same person in real life? Is the person writing these ever-so serious life lesson and motivational pieces really the same person in real life?

The person I am: my character, my personality — it isn’t limited to only the stories I write; my interests, my passions and my ambitions far exceed the topics I’ve written.

There’s always a different side, a different perspective to a person’s life, one that we don’t see or realize. It’s the same with me.

I want to share more.
I want to share with you the different angles of my life.
I want to share more than just my experiences traveling.
I want to share more than just the life lessons from my past relationships.

And that’s why I need your help.

I want to know what it is that you want to want me to share with you. What is it that makes you want to read my articles? What is it that you find valuable in what I’ve shared?

I want to hear about the kind of posts you’d like to read, the kind of posts you gain the most value from, the kind of post that you can relate to.

A huge part of why I write is because of you. You, as my audience and as my readers have repeatedly given me support in the last few years and now I’d like to give back. I’d like to listen to you and hear what you have to say.

If you’d like to contribute your thoughts, please feel free to email me at misstiffanysun@gmail.com or leave your comments in the post below.

Thank you so much. ❤️