I’ve been working at a startup for almost two years now, slaving away for 14 hours, everyday.

During that time, I’d written hundreds of posts and tweets, crafted emails of all kinds, and Googled numerous websites for who-knows-how-long.

I’d also blew away countless hours staring into space or messing around.

That’s when I realized it’s time to pull myself together and start checking off tasks on my to-do list, one by one. What I’m about to share with you next are tricks I personally use to get some work done.

Maybe they’ll work for you, too.

1. Just do it!

Anytime there’s some leeway for procrastination (even if you have an urgent project or need to be somewhere), you naturally let your mind loose and start daydreaming about your next weekend.

I’ll just lie on the couch and catch up on the Game of Thrones!

It’s an awesome feeling at first. But then reality suddenly smacks you in the face and you realize you wasted a huge chunk of your day only to have more tasks stacking up on your agenda.

You’re a responsible person. And responsible people get shit done. So pump your chest up, fixate your whole attention into one task, and just do it.

2. Listen to your favorite playlist.

When you work in your own office or in your room, you have all the freedom in the world to do whatever you like. In other words, you can enjoy work.

With so many new gadgets popping up in the markets, we get pampered with countless ways to fire up our motivation. That includes music.

I realized I get more tasks done (faster) when listening to my favorite songs on Spotify. If I’m writing, I play classical or instrumental music. If I’m brainstorming ideas, I play dance workout songs. Depending on my task, shifting to a particular playlist helps me focus and come up with better techniques.

3. Mark it on the calendar.

We all have some moments when we feel tired of everything and can’t bring ourselves to remember what else we need to do. A useful tip is to look at the calendar.

You can mark any job or assignment there. That way, your day is planned out in advance, making you more convinced to finish your work (otherwise those guilty feelings will weigh you down hard!).

You can also add task reminders on your phone. So if you get distracted, your phone’s alarm will bring you back to the computer.

4. Think of a reward.

The newest collection of shoes. A glass of wine. Chocolate. Pizza. A Netflix subscription renewal. A new car or a private jet.

No matter what you decide, give yourself a reward for the completed job. Fulfilling your thirst for wants is probably the most motivating incentive for the most of us. Make sure your reward is something you’re eager to receive.

5. Have a buddy to motivate you. Call them.

This works wonders — getting a friend to yell at you when you feel like quitting or to check if you’re on the right track.

I told my friend to text me every half an hour just to see where I’m at. She’d ask me how much more work I have left, forcing me to respond every time with a new answer while bulldozing my way through my tasks before her next text. It’s stressful, but to know that someone is watching my back when I work is enough to push me even harder.

So look through your contact list and find that one person you can trust to give you that extra push to help you get your work done. Believe me, it helps a LOT.

6. Frame some motivational quotes.

Some people need a cup of coffee to start their day.

Others check their email or social media notifications before going to work.

And then there’s the rare few who save motivational quotes and frame them for the next episode of demotivation.

Become one of those people. Going over motivational quotes boosts your morale and brings you the willpower you need to start working. As soon as you develop this save-and-frame-quotes habit, you’ll be able to get any job done.

7. Get some rest.

You’ve been working for ages. Take a break. You definitely deserve it.

Editor’s note: Giving credit to Nate Green for his original post: How To Do Work.