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How to grow your following base on Medium

I don’t know about you, but every time I read a Medium story that blows my mind or makes my skin tingle, I do the old-fashioned trick of saving it.

I bookmark it.

A list of my favorite Medium articles on my browser bar.

Only to forget about the writer the next day.

Sure, it’s a tough world for readers to remember who their favorite writers are, especially when we get so distracted by the internet. Things like incoming emails. Stories with catchy headlines. The popping sounds from Facebook whenever we get a message. Unavoidable advertisements. Needless to say, we’re bombarded by noise everywhere we go.

But think about how frustrating this is for writers — to lose their readers to the endless surge of distractors who, well…may never come back to their blog again.

As writers, we want people to read our stories. We want them to listen to our thoughts and to connect with us emotionally and logically. I mean, isn’t that the sole reason why we spend hours gritting our teeth, typing up something that will just wow our newfound admirers?

Well, let me tell you a little secret that can help you reconnect with your biggest fans and get them to come back to read your stories. It’s simple, perhaps too good to be true, but it works!

Create your own email subscription box

A lot of people still ask me, why should I collect emails on my Medium blog? What’s the point if all I want to do is write?

Sure, you might write for the sake of writing. But what if one day, you wanted your start your own blog? Sell an eBook? Introduce fans to your new business? A list of emails would come in handy.

That’s why my team and I have built Rabbut — a simple tool that can help you collect emails on Medium.

This is the subscription box you can customize and add to your Medium post.

With one click, readers can give you their email to hear the latest updates from you. These emails will go under Subscribers on the Rabbut dashboard, which are yours to keep forever.

You can check the emails you’ve collected on your subscriber’s list.

Anytime you publish a new post, every one of your subscribers would see your story in their inbox. The good news is that it’s automatically delivered from us. In other words, you can spend more time writing and less worrying about promoting.

You can, however, turn off this feature of auto-sharing your stories to subscribers if you’re only looking to collect emails. Just click Off under Blog to email on the dashboard.

You have the option to turn off the feature of sending subscribers your latest blog post.

Story cards

If you’ve been writing on Medium long enough, you’d know how annoying it is to find your earlier stories. Because the thing is, Medium mixes stories with comments, making it a painful experience for both the writer AND the reader to search for your early stories.

Well, no more endless scrolling or searching through the search bar. Here’s to Rabbut’s story cards!

Just like Rabbut’s subscription box, people can click on your story card and see what else you’ve recently written (which starts from the day you set it up).

What readers will see when they click on your story card.

With story cards, it’s a good way to get readers to take a glance at your latest work and drive them even further to subscribing to you.

**UPDATE (February 2017)** Unfortunately, we discontinued the story cards to focus more on our primary sign-up forms.

My Final Words

Remember, the more emails you collect, the more stories of yours get read, boosting the chance that it’ll get featured on your fan’s social media. And before you know it, you’ll be generating even more views from their followers who might even subscribe to your stories.

All of this is possible with Rabbut. Get started, it’s free!

Questions, thoughts, suggestions about Rabbut? Send them Elmers way at We read every email. 🙂

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