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How to get more reads on your Medium blog

Medium is still relatively young, starting from the mid-2012. Yet, 650+ million people are using it. What does this mean for you?

The challenge of getting your story noticed on the fastest-growing blogging platform of this decade.

You can have the most mind-blowing story. An intriguing bio. Catchy headlines. Be an awards-winning author or a successful business. But if you just started on Medium, note this: it’s going to be tough getting people to read your posts. And I mean REALLY read them.

Because nowadays, people don’t have the time and luxury to read every story. We’ve grown picky on what we should spend our time on, which is why you need great content to start out with. But what if I told you, there are other ways to get people to curiously flock to your stories and read them?

Take it from me, a serious Medium-er. I’ve read dozens of guides on ways to increase the number of “reads” for my posts. Four techniques have bumped up my numbers. Let me tell you what they are, so you can start.

Find the right tags

Before you publish your story, you get an option to choose tags (5 to be exact).

If there’s one thing you must know about tags, they help your story be discovered by people interested in that topic. So if you have a story about family, use relevant tags like “love,” “relationship,” or “family.” But if your story is more specific like, “When you love someone who comes from a broken family,” it’s better to use more defined tags like “love story,” “boyfriend,” or “childhood.”

Do be aware of the number next to each tag. It represents the number of people following that tag. Yes, you might be tempted to choose the 10k+ vs 200, but be warned, it’ll be harder to rank and get attention for. Lower number tags are easier to rank but gives a limited number of readers.

To have the best of both worlds, I suggest mixing a combination of popular and less common tags.

Share your other stories

People are always hungry for great content. So if people finish reading your story and you leave them with nothing other than the option to drop comments, you lost them — to someone else who can give more options.

That said, interlink your other stories within your content. Better yet, add two to three relevant articles at the bottom of your post.

These are the articles I’ve linked to the bottom of my “Hidden Writers on Medium, Let’s Unite” post.

Keep people engaged. Keep their mind focused on your stories. Don’t give them the opportunity to step into someone else’s door.

Collect emails

Before you ask, let me tell you. Collecting emails gets you returning readers. You see, when people read your whole blog post and give you their emails, they’re eagerly awaiting for your next piece. These people are the ones you want to keep impressing. Because if you continue to write stories that wows them, they’re more likely to share them with their colleagues, friends, family, and all of their followers on their social media.

The one tool that will completely change the way you promote your blog is Rabbut. With Rabbut, you can create your own subscription box on Medium. It’s as simple as copy-pasting a link that expands into a subscription box on your post.

Once that’s set up, just continue to write your stories. Anytime you post, Rabbut will automatically send your story to your subscribers. Hassle-free.

Comment on people’s content

I can’t stress this enough, but building connections with other Medium-ers is a MUST. Because if you don’t, you won’t get noticed much. And I’m sure you don’t want be stuck writing your online fantasies now, do you? That wasn’t the point of using Medium.

The one thing Medium has that no other blogging platform can compete with is the high level of engagement. I wrote one piece, Hidden Writers on Medium, It’s Time to Unite. Look at the responses.

40 responses in 4 days! When’s the last time that happened to you on WordPress or Blogger?

People on Medium love reading — not just stories, but comments too. So start by reading someone’s post. Ask questions. Sympathize with their emotions. Leave an intellectual argument. If you piqued their curiosity enough, it’s no doubt that they’d click your bio and check out your work.

It’s something I’ve done that brought me a good amount of traffic to my blog (link). Because by commenting on other people’s post, you allow yourself to be seen not just by the writer, but by his/her followers.

Feature your story

One thing I find annoying about Medium is having my recent comments show up as my latest stories. If you publish a piece and drop 10+ comments, people can no longer see what you wrote, or even know that you’re a writer.

What to do? Feature your story.

Go to your profile, scroll down to the post you want to feature and click the down arrow (see below).

You’ll get an option to showcase that story at the top of your profile feed. This will automatically be the first thing people see when they visit your profile. And as many of us Medium-ers do, we check out the latest or featured stories to see what you’re capable of writing about.

Views don’t count, reads do

Remember why you’re even writing on Medium. It’s so people can read your story and know everything about you — the way you live your life, your tactics to super-productivity, the way you think.

Optimize your post. Start building an email list. Engage with people. Because sometimes, you only have one opportunity to impress people and get them to read (and come back) to your stories. Make every little thing count.

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