One morning, after sending out my newsletter, I cringed because I realized I had made a mistake.

Instead of the person’s first name being displayed, it showed this:

I was worried, but it was too late; the email had already been sent to over a thousand people.

What will my readers think? Are they going to be upset? Will they still read my content? Have I lost them forever?

I assumed the worst.

But to my surprise, nobody mentioned anything about it at all. Everyone who responded commented on the content, not the greeting.

My newsletter:

Some of the responses:

If anything, this experience has taught me one thing: that mistakes don’t matter as much as you think. People don’t care that much about the mistakes or typos you make in your newsletter, how your newsletter looks or how it’s structured — what matters more is what you’re sharing.

As long as you continue to be genuine and give back whenever you can, they’ll stick by you — mistakes and all. You can’t fake passion.