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I used to be taken to fancy restaurants everyday. Given bags and shoes that costed more than a MacBook. Nice kitchen gadgets if I asked for it.


If I couldn’t finish my plate, my boyfriend would tell me to leave it.


If I had an argument with my family and couldn’t explain my reasons clearly, my boyfriend would help me write a full-blown essay to shatter their case.


At times I’d sit back and wonder,

“Is this a dream? How did I become so lucky to have such an amazing guy? I literally don’t have to worry about a single thing!”

While it felt good to be treated as a “princess”, it made me extremely worried too. Mainly because I come from a hard-working family who spends money carefully. Like…

  • buying things if they’re on sale.
  • taking a 7-hour bus drive vs a 1-hour flight.
  • cooking bulks of food to eat the rest of the week.

Would welcoming this royal treatment turn me into a lazy bum? A needy companion? Perhaps a stuck-up b**** who cares nothing more than shoes and nails?

I wasn’t sure how I’d turn out.

All I knew was, I started to fall hard for this prestigious lifestyle. And so I let it.

From left to right | Got a total makeover by professionals, shopping at Beverly Hills, dressing fashionably at parties

Until one day, it all fell apart.

By the time I returned back to my parent’s home, depressed and teared up, I was irritated — by EVERYTHING.

Why doesn’t the hot water come out instantly?
Why is my bed so stiff?
Why don’t we order takeout instead of eating last week’s leftovers?

Things that didn’t bother me back then suddenly became the downfall of my day. To the point where I just wanted to pack up and move.

But I couldn’t.

I had less than $2,000 in my bank. A crummy resume. No serious skills (except for cooking). Friends who’ve lost track of my existence. Worse of all, a shattered confidence that made me scared of doing things on my own.

I had become so used to someone taking care of me that I forgot what responsibility was. What stress was.

I knew if I didn’t start managing my own life, I would remain stuck where I was.

So I got a new job as a server.

Just kidding, I stole my manager’s sticker. 😂

I reunited with old friends.

We’re always eating.

I began weight-lifting and writing.

Good combo? Hm…

If I wasn’t sure about something, I googled it (instead of asking someone for help first).

Sadly, this answer lost me $1000. 😑

It took 4 long years for me to finally break free from my old situation. And to realize how dangerous being spoiled can be.

Because when you’re spoiled, you stop trying in life. You stop learning to fix your own problems. Worst of all, you lose a part of yourself that you never discover.

That’s why I promised to never settle for a lifestyle where things are automatically given to or done for me. Because in the end,

Royal treatment can never be as fulfilling as accomplishing things for yourself.

I’m rebuilding my life by discovering who I am, learning what I’m capable of after a 9 year heartbreak that left me stranded in China.


  • Norell

    May 20, 2018

    Your large, high-quality photographs of yourself out and about in the world add so much to your work. You have such radiant, groomed, yet distinctly un-selfconscious, candid, fearless essence in your photos. It’s refreshing because I see less and less of this in a world where people are trying to get just the right angle to “hide” the aspects of themselves they don’t want an audience to see.

    And finally, this photo really, REALLY fits the theme of the article.

  • Wentra

    October 28, 2018

    Well, spoiled does mean left to rot, and it’s definitely the self-reliance that rots when we become too spoiled.

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