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What I did. 

I was angry. Pissed.

The girl had walked up to me without warning and grabbed the cardigan right out of my hand. “I wasn’t done with it,” she said, despite having already re-racked it before walking out the store. 

It was rude and uncivilized from every aspect. Had she asked nicely, I probably would’ve been willing to give it to her. But she didn’t and instead, I was forced to convince myself that it wasn’t worth being angry over this rude girl.

But here’s what I’ve realized:

Sometimes it’s okay to be angry. Sometimes it’s okay to be pissed.
We all have our beliefs, our desires and pride to define who we are and if tarnished by others without proper purpose or reason, it only makes sense to be angry because we’re human.

The question then isn’t whether or not we should be angry, but what actions we should take.

I could’ve fought over the cardigan, but I chose not to. Because ultimately, is it really worth my time and attention to argue with someone who lacks reason? Not really — at least I don’t want to lower myself to that level.

Instead, I placed a pre-order for the next batch of cardigans and in the process of explaining the situation to the manager, was given a 20% discount.

The lesson here:

It’s not always the anger that’s the problem, it’s what you do as a result of it.

I’m rebuilding my life by discovering who I am, learning what I’m capable of after a 9 year heartbreak that left me stranded in China.


  • Ivan

    June 2, 2018

    Very good point. I wish I had reacted differently on many occasions.


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