Yesterday, I watched a Youtube video of Alexis Ren, one of my favorite Instagram models, make breakfast for her family. It was a simple video, without any edits or music and most of what she said wasn’t even to the camera. Compared to most Youtube videos, hers was ultimately more amateur, lacking in humor, lacking in fancy editing techniques, lacking in a catchy soundtrack — it was just pure, raw footage.

As the day went by, I saw the views increase rapidly: 10k, 50k, 100k, 200k, 400k. The number of supporters who had given her a like/thumbs up on the video exceeded 20k. Hundred and hundreds of comments littered the video’s page, most of them praising her, telling her how cute she is and how much they loved the video.

Yet, for every hundred or so of these incredible comments, she’d get comments like these where people mocked her:


It’s obvious that these people were upset.

They couldn’t understand why someone as “basic” as Alexis Ren in real life could be so wildly successful and have so much love on a video that was just her, in raw form, making pancakes for her family. They didn’t see how she became popular. So instead, they attacked her for being who she was, what she does and called her “privileged”, all because she didn’t know how to make pancakes properly.

One thing that I’ve realized is that there are always haters. There will always be people who lash out at you no matter what it is you do. These people judge you, say that you’re unworthy of success, that you’re unworthy of having the freedom to pursue your passions. They say it’s unfair.

In some ways, I see where these people are coming from. Models like Alexis Ren have been gifted with a genetic lottery that has given her wildly unimaginable success — she’s gotten everything and more than most models can ever only dream of: fashion magazine covers, six-figure endorsements, accolades and more. So people say it’s unfair, that she’s undeserving of the attention.

But what most people don’t know is the amount of work she has put into her career. Alexis Ren undergoes some of the hardest, most intense workouts I’ve ever seen — I know this, because I’ve done her workouts and I can’t even do half of what she can before she breaks a sweat. When we look at someone, we only see them from that angle. For every side that we see of someone, there’s always another side that we don’t see. For everything we assume, there’s always something we haven’t considered.

Alexis Ren puts her life into her modeling career. Her ability to model is her strength, her passion, her strongest playing card. Shouldn’t she use what she has and continue to work towards it? It’s what she relies on in getting closer towards the life she wants. We can say our lives are unfair when compared to hers, but in doing so, what will we have achieved? What will we get out of it?

And life has always been unfair. We’ve all been put in situations at some point in our lives that we wish we didn’t have. We’ve all encountered setbacks that we wish never happened. That’s just how life is. We don’t get what we want most of the time.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t work towards it. It doesn’t mean we can’t try and change where we are in life. It doesn’t mean that we just have to take things as they are. We have the ability to pursue our passions, build upon our talents. What we need to do is find our strengths and improve upon them. Maybe it’s baking the most amazing croissants, shooting the most hilarious Youtube videos, or even telling a story. Whatever it is, it’s yours to keep and improve on. It’s what you’re good at.

Don’t ever forget that.