Sometimes, we get carried away by our dreams and desires and we spurt them outloud to people — similar to how children tell us what they want to be when they grow up.

I want to quit my 9–5 job and travel the world.
I want to be a fitness model.
I want to run my own business.
I want to learn guitar.
I want to lose weight.

We say this out of excitement, thinking it’d be cool to achieve these incredible goals. To show others how big our ambitions are.

But the problem is,

We put our credibility on the line.

Let me explain.

When we tell people what we strive to do, they start watching us. Carefully. To see if we actually follow through with our dreams and stick to them. This, alone, is enough to give them a good glimpse of our character and whether we stay true to our words.

Unfortunately, many of us get discouraged and end up making excuses for not meeting our goals. While some of us admit our failures. Either way, it looks bad.

That’s why I stopped telling others what I want. Or where I see myself in 5 years.

And instead, I tell myself what I SHOULD do to achieve my dreams and desires.

My Desire: Lose weight

Do intermittent fasting, eat between 12–8pm.
Drink 2 liters of water a day.
Workout 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week.
Eat meals on a small plate.

My Dream: Travel the world as a writer/digital nomad

Write posts on Medium (my #1 source of income).
Build my affiliate base (my 2nd source of income).
Grow my social influence through Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
Plan my next trip.

Within 2 years, I’d lost 19 lbs.

I’d bounced to 8 different countries.


And much, much more.

Grew my Medium following to over 20k! | August 2016 to December 2017
Eventually I realized dreams and desires may be difficult and painful to carry through, but they can be attained if you focus on what you need to do instead of telling others what your dreams are.

After all, results show everyone what you’re capable of. Not your words.

  1. Bruce
    Dec 17, 2017

    That’s precisely how I achieved great success.
    Sage advice.