I like helping people. There’s a certain satisfaction to helping people who genuinely try to understand and solve problems on their own. They’re people who actually want to learn instead of taking others for granted.

My mom has no idea how to deposit a check online so she asks me for help. I point her in the right direction, and after an hour or so, my mom figures it out on her own and no further help is required.

An aspiring writer asks me to help him publish on Huffington Post. I tell him I can’t, but can guide him through his writing until he’s qualified to. He emails me back:

“Why can’t you just do it for me just this once? I don’t have the years it’ll take to improve my writing.”

It makes me want to respond with:

“Exactly. If it’s something I’ve put in years of effort into, what does it say about the favor you’re asking?”

When you put it that way, it’s not that small of a favor anymore, is it?

Help only goes as far as the effort you put in. If you’re unwilling to learn, ask questions or experiment on your own, you’ll have already failed; nobody can take you further than you are willing to go.

It’s not the teacher, it’s you.

  1. Simisola Omotoso
    Apr 11, 2018

    That is very true.