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A friend once asked, “How come you’re always happy? You’re always fascinated by everything, even things that don’t really matter.” 

She said that right after I had taken out my eggs from the microwave. It was my first time poaching eggs in the microwave, and I couldn’t help but be amused at how well it turned out.

“Well…” as I answered her through mouthfuls of food, “it’s because I’m always learning.” 

I never learned anything new when I was still with my ex. He discouraged it. Anytime I’d try something new, like a recipe, he’d yell at me if it didn’t taste good. Anytime I’d try something new, like a skill, he’d call me ‘stupid’ if didn’t understand something.

I eventually stopped trying completely because it wasn’t worth the pain. I decided it was just better to take the ‘safe’ route and do only the things I already knew how to do.

What I never realized until three years ago, after I’ve broken off from the relationship was how much I had neglected my own growth. I had destroyed my curiosity, became introverted, and had been afraid to step out into the world and learn things on my own.

I had no idea what mortgages were, no idea who my power company was, no idea about anything at all. I had been so sheltered and discouraged from learning that I lacked the basic knowledge required to survive in today’s society.

I didn’t even know how to book a flight, truth be told when I bought my first one-way ticket to Southeast Asia.

The reason why I’m always happy and excited about the things that nobody cares about, is because while they’ve experienced it, I haven’t. I’m still trying to catch up on the 9.5 years worth of knowledge and experiences I’ve missed out on.

Being able to learn makes me happy because it’s a reminder that I’m no longer the person I once was. It’s made me a lot happier, a lot more confident, and a lot more curious about the world. Most importantly, it’s given me hope — hope that this world has a lot more to offer that I haven’t yet discovered and honestly can’t wait for what’s next.

I’m rebuilding my life by discovering who I am, learning what I’m capable of after a 9 year heartbreak that left me stranded in China.