Last week, someone emailed me, upset and wondering why I hadn’t been writing as many posts as I did before in the past.

What happened, Tiffany?!

As someone who owes most of her success to her fans, I felt bad for letting him down and for not delivering. I don’t like disappointing people in general, but sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from work in order to get back on track with who you are and the reason why you write.

Instead of writing posts for the sake of writing, I want to write about things I want to improve on, the things I want to learn about and the lessons learned throughout those improvements.

Some things I’ve been doing as of recent may be less than interesting to some, but it’s a part of who I am, or at least who I’m trying to become.

Meditation in the morning? Check.

*just changed my hair color*

Stretching everyday for 100 days? Check.

Founding a new startup? Check.

Damn, I look so serious when I work. 😂

These are all things that define a part of who I am and what I believe in because they’re all improvements of some sort.

And only through improving will I have the experience to share more worthwhile and insightful stories with you. The same kind of stories you’ve come to love from me and has made me the writer that I am today.

It’s easy to write for the sake for writing, but would it have any substance, my thoughts and feelings?

If there’s anything I’ve learned about being a writer, it’s that your writing can only be as good as the magnitude and sum of your experiences. As Ryan Holiday puts it best:

Write all the time, they’ll tell you. Write for your college newspaper. Get an MFA. Go to writer’s groups. Send query letters to agents.

What do they never say? Go do interesting things.

So for those who are disappointed because I’m not writing with as much frequency as before, please bear with me for my sake and yours. Quality triumphs quantity, and I’m determined to prove it to you.