I’m a giver.

I have always been, starting from day 1. I just can’t help but be nice to the people I care most about.

If they had a horrible day, I’d give them a warm hug and talk about what went wrong.

If they needed money, I’d drive to the bank, hand them the cash, and tell them “go take care of yourself.”

If they got sick, I’d make homemade chicken soup and deliver it right to their door.

All of this I’d do in a blink of an eye even when I had a day’s worth of tasks to catch up on. Or made personal plans. Or even if I was on the verge of breaking down.

It didn’t matter where I was or what I was doing. All that mattered to me was them.

Some of you might say I should worry about myself more. That I should take care of my health, solve my own problems, pursue my passion, shoot for my long-term goals, make an impact the world has never felt.

Sure, I could be more egotistic — where I’d only give you my attention if you have the money, power, and influence. But then I’d only be hurting myself. Because the one thing I cannot stand is doing nothing when the person I care most about is struggling or is hurt. It just gives me the most uncomfortable knot in my stomach that I start losing my appetite. My emotions. And eventually, my mind.

The moment you stop caring about others to only focus on yourself is the moment where life starts to lose meaning.

That’s the reason why I give. Because by giving myself to make someone’s day even better, it enriches my life and motivates me to be more than who I am today.

This is the mind of a giver.

What Truly Defines a Giver

  • Givers constantly think about how others feel, even when they’re hundreds of miles away.
  • Givers genuinely get more satisfaction from giving vs taking.
  • Givers don’t expect anything back. Nothing! Just your company.
  • Givers are honestly more interested in others than they are telling others about themselves.
  • Givers often prioritize other people’s needs first before their own.
  • Givers appreciate every little thing they get more.
  • Givers are usually patient, considerate, thoughtful, compassionate, and are very low maintenance.
  • Givers truly appreciate being in the presence of those they care about.

 Givers are a rare breed

So if you happen to bump across or know someone who’s a giver (based on the traits above), consider yourself lucky. Because out of everyone in this world, it’s the givers you can always trust when you’re in need of help most.