It never really crossed my mind, why we need to work 8 hours. Or more specifically, why EVERYONE needs to work at the same time — from 9–5.

I mean think about it.

Everyone gets stuck in traffic during peak hours, from 6–9am and 4–7pm. Lunch becomes a battle for seats and extra “leisure” time. By the time you start working, you don’t feel like working.

And that’s because your time is inherently forced to comply with the old norm’s way of running a business. It’s not the most convenient schedule for hard-working people, like you, but it sure makes it easier for the big boss to manage the whole crew.

But HOLD UP here.

If you can’t get your mind to focus and perform your best within this 8-hour time frame, because of noisy colleagues, unplanned meetings or the aftereffects of stuffing yourself full before lunch break ends, what good are you really contributing to the company? More importantly, to yourself?

Aren’t you just wasting more time battling through distractions and fatigue than delivering meaningful results?

Work is not supposed to be a hellhole where you’re constantly slaving away your precious time.

Work is supposed to mold you into an efficient player in the game of business, so you can increase your own value in the market AND live the life you want. It’s about working smarter, not harder.

But unfortunately, most companies today don’t get the concept of the 8-hour work day. They think it helps them bring in more profits and productivity from their employees. But the truth is, we only exert 60% of our productivity at work. Instead, we text our friends and browse the web, wondering when the day will end. And often times, we stay at work after work to make up for those unproductive hours.

The 8-hour workday is a failing business model.

Because it doesn’t maximize everyone’s efficiency. And I honestly think that every wage earner in the world should have some flexibility in deciding what hours they work best at — whether that’s from 2–10am or 2–5pm and 10pm-12am.

Because at the end of the day, if we could utilize our time more efficiently at work, we could be pushing out more incredible ideas, delivering useful goods and creating a greater legacy for ourselves.

So if you’re a CEO, a chief executive officer, or anyone who manages the team, think about your company’s future before you decide the schedule of everyone’s workday.

By the way, if you’re curious to know what it’s like to work from 9pm-5am, I wrote it here.