If you’ve been reading my stories, you’d know I’m a HUGE fan of quotes.

I practically stock them on an Excel spreadsheet, which I picked up from books to calendars to online articles. I even found some from the paintings of restaurants.

Personally, if you ask me what’d make my day — eating a fancy dinner or discovering a deep quote, I’d go for the latter.

I don’t know what makes quotes sound so powerful to the human mind, but to me, quotes lift my spirits up in a way that pushes me to work harder and be smarter. And all of those worries and problems built up inside? Gone completely.

Let me give you, 5 quotes I fall back on every day that you should too.

1. Live a “want to” life. Not a “have to” life.

Life won’t be fun if what you do feels like a chore. You’ll always be bound to rules — rules specifically set by the majority’s standard, not your own. Going to work from 9–5. Pushing yourself at the gym. Sticking to healthy foods. Reading a book everyday.

If you feel like you need to take the extra mile to fulfill those tasks, you’ll eventually feel miserable. And so bored of the same old routine.

Why not love the life you’re working towards? Instead of telling yourself you HAVE TO do “this”, think about the perks behind your actions. I’m going to work, because I learn something new everyday. I’m working out at the gym, because I get stronger. I’m eating healthy food, because it tastes good. I’m reading, because it boosts my creativity whenever I write.

The more transparent the rewards are and the more you train your brain to say “I want this!”, the more worthwhile your day will be. In fact, you’ll achieve greater results compared to the old mindset.

2. Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.

What’s the point of raising your voice? You’ll either lose the argument or lose that special someone — let it be your boss, your best friend, your partner, someone you’re trying to impress. And you’re going to keep running into the same outcomes if you don’t change the way you argue.

Think things through. Ask yourself, why am I arguing? How serious is this problem? Is there a better way I can explain my point of view without setting off negative emotions? When you rationalizing the actual argument instead of yelling back, you start getting smarter and learn how to handle tough disputes.

There’s nothing more impressive than expressing a strong mind. Because once you’ve learned to bounce clever comebacks to any argument, you won’t ever be put down again. Ever.

3. Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people won’t.

Successful people work around the clock to accomplish their dreams. Successful people push to improve without being told to. Successful people teach. Successful people take the risk when everyone else backs out. Most importantly, successful people believe. No matter how quirky, weird or unlikely an idea seems, they go forward with it and never give up.

What really defines successful people and unsuccessful people are their habits. If you can change yours to reflect those who’ve hit it off with their career and personal life, you’ll then realize how much more you could become. Not everyone can achieve that.

4. A life spent making mistakes is more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

No one likes making mistakes, but it’s the only way you can really learn. If you never fell down, you wouldn’t know what pain is. If you never said the wrong thing to someone, you wouldn’t know what ticks people off or hurts them. If you never overspent on your credit card, you wouldn’t know how to get out of debt.

Mistakes like these help us understand the other part of reality. We become sharper and less prone to feeling like failures. Because we make less mistakes. We learn what we’ve done wrong, and it’s this experience that helps us grow much faster than a teacher or book can.

5. No one can tell your story, so tell it yourself. No one can write your story, so write it yourself.

No matter how much you wish you can write like your favorite writer, you can’t. It’s impossible to copy someone’s story, simply because you’ve never faced the same struggles or lived the same kind of lifestyle he/she has.

That’s why it’s better if you focus on what you’re genuinely interested in, or what has impacted you the most. Because when you do, your writing starts to shine out. It starts getting deep. More emotional. More vivid from your experiences.

People can tell a good story when it comes solely from you. So whatever you do, share your life. Share your world. Because no one else can.

Last words before you go

Life will hit you from all corners at the most random times, but just remember, stand strong and live by these mottos. As the saying goes,