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5 blog topics you should write about in 2016

It’s 2016, a brand new year. The moment of realization that we, bloggers, need to stop slacking off and instead, push every muscle strand in our brains to achieve our blog resolutions:

  • Getting more visitors to our site
  • Earning a crap-ton of money
  • Building our brand

But if there’s one resolution you need to cross off this year, that’s writing an impressive blog topic that can generate a ton of views and shares. Which isn’t easy to do, especially when there’s over 4,200,000 blogs posts published everyday.

The # of blog posts written throughout the world (recorded at the end of the day).

Then how am I going to compete? What should I write about?

Well, you’re in luck! Because what I’m about to share with you is a list of trending blog topics that people absolutely love and can’t get enough of. This is all based on my 4-month analysis on blog posts from Medium that carry a high number of recommends and comments.

Let’s start with the first!

#1 Personal Stories With a Lesson Learned

The best stories come from the heart.

When’s the last time you read a personal story that truly touched your soul and taught a lesson you could never forgot? Not often, right? Because for one, it’s difficult to write. And it’s hard to layout our thoughts in a way that people can understand. So with all of the emotions and details that’s needed to express a personal story, every word matters — especially the part where you give a valuable lesson.

Take it from these great examples:

It’s these kinds of stories (where people get a chance to step into the writer’s shoes and learn from their experience) that often get a ton of recommends and comments. Because as humans, we want to get smarter. We want to see new perspectives. Without a lesson, your story is nothing more than your own online diary. So get ahead of the game and write a personal story that gives people a brand new insight — you’ll have them craving for more.

#2 Feelings That Bug You

Nowadays, all you see is people talking about things that make them feel happy, be productive, save time, live healthy, work smarter. What happened to the other end of the spectrum? What happened to real life?

One writer I remember, arise, brought up the fact that we often shun ourselves away from the negative and beam towards positive stories.

We don’t want bad feelings, only good ones. We want to build ourselves. We want to grow, but why can’t you grow through exploring the things that hurt inside you?

It finally struck me — what we’re missing most are stories that reveal the dark side. Grave misfortunes. Personal losses. Failures. Personal annoyances. Rants.

Contrary to what you might think, these stories make it pretty big.

And that’s mainly because they’re new and refreshing. This is the ever-growing trend that you should try writing about.

So the next time, instead of talking about how pizza makes you feel happy, talk about how cucumbers are the dumbest f!@king thing in the world. 😉

#3 A Listicle That Loops You Back

Listicles. You know, those articles with the fat numbered or bullet-pointed list? Yeah, the internet is pretty saturated with them. And now, it’s becoming one of the most annoying reads because some people see it as a “cheap” way of writing. It just doesn’t bring as much depth as blog suggestion #1 and #2.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid writing listicles. There’s actually a way you can make a listicle that’s epic. All you need is to loop your content to your previous points, like what Nic Haralambous has done in Advice from 30 year old me to 20 year old me.

Note the bolded “see point #”

This will get people to reread your stuff without them feeling like it’s repetitive.

#4 How to’s

There’s something magical when you combine these two words together that just grabs people’s attention and incites them to click. Take for instance:

How to think of quick-witted comebacks.
How to be the one person everyone wants to be with.
How to get any job you want.

Did you feel your curiosity go straight through the roof? If so, well, that’s the power of “how to.” 😉

The reason why people love these types of articles is because they get something valuable out of it. Usually that revolves something that simplifies their life or helps them improve.

To start this how-to blog topic, first think of a problem people face that you can solve for them. Then break down your advice into an easy step-to-step guide that people can follow without fail. If the value you bring motivates people to take action and makes a huge impact in their lives, you just got yourself a winning blog topic. 🙂

#5 Roundups That Matter

Not many roundups do well, and that’s because most people do them wrong. Often times, it turns out as a dry list of links or names that brings more value to the mentioned than the readers.

If you do it right though, you actually get a ton more shares and likes than if you wrote for yourself. Because people like hearing different voices. Plus, the people you mentioned no doubt will share what they’ve contributed to your post.

All you need to do is this: Think of a question that tickles people’s curiosity. The more thought-provoking it is, the more likely people will engage (for the people being mentioned and the readers).

One that I thought of for my previous roundup post was “What’s one piece of advice you’d give people who plan on working at a startup?”

Once you got your question, start looking for influential people who are willing to share their thoughts in your post, through Twitter, Medium, Linkedin, or any popular social media. It’ll be easier to find your target if you type in specific keywords that relate to your question. For mine, I typed “startups” and “founders.”

Once you’ve collected everyone’s answers, make sure you incorporate these things:

  • A compact list that mentions each individual and links directly to their section.

This makes it easier for the mentioned to jump straight into their section.

  • A link to their Twitter profile

This gives readers the opportunity to tweet the mentioned and start engaging.

  • A short, fun bio under their name

This is optional, but it helps people know who they are.

  • Click-to-Tweet quotes

An eye-catcher that drives people to tweet at a tap of the finger.

  • A personal note to the mentioned

It’s only common courtesy to thank the people who’ve contributed to your post.

Kick up your roundup post a notch higher. Show that you care. That’s putting a post that matters to everyone — the mentioned and the readers.

Last Words Before You Start Writing

Remember, blog topics are more than just a dump of ideas for an empty post. They’re the heart and soul of your blog. They’re what distinguishes a creative writer from a mediocre one.

All it takes to be on top of the game is a tiny dose of creativity on top of a trending blog topic, which we’ve already discussed here. Try them out. You’ll surprise even the most serious reader.

Best of luck! 🙂

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