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12 writing hacks you need to become a great writer

I can change your writing forever. All I need is your full attention for the next few minutes.

Here, you’ll learn the most useful writing hacks that will completely transform your writing, so you can become a real pro on Medium.

1. Cut the long words

Longer sentences doesn’t make you look smarter. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. By cutting your words short, you make it easier for readers to digest your content and encourage them to keep reading.

Example: Instead of “Presidential elections are so full of incomprehensibilities to me” say “Presidential elections are so confusing to me.”

2. Avoid too many adjectives

You might think the more adjectives you use, the more expressive your writing will be. But the truth is, it doesn’t. If you add too many adjectives (e.g. “extraordinary” or “marvelous”), you weaken the main points of your writing.

Example: Instead of “We ate this spectacular strawberry cake at an amazing restaurant across the street” write “We ate this strawberry cake at a restaurant across the street.”

3. Open the thesaurus

Don’t get stuck using the same circle of words you know. Try something new for a change.

Copy-paste a word into the thesaurus, and BOOM! You have all the fresh words. Do this to expand your vocabulary.

Example: “I’m so happy that your startup is doing better than you expected” can be “I’m so thrilled that your startup is doing better than you expected.”

4. Learn to distinguish ‘me,’ ‘myself,’ and ‘I’

You’ll look unprofessional if you mix these three words up.

Use “I” as the subject: I bought you a gift.
Use “me” as an object: You bought me a gift.
Use “myself” as a reflective pronoun when “I” is both the subject and object: I bought myself a gift.

5. Create a series of words or phrases

Enrich your writing by incorporating a series of words or phrases that’ll give your readers a sense of thrill.

Example: “First, I wrote the article. Second, I posted it on my blog. Finally, I shared it on Twitter” can be “I wrote the article, posted it on my blog, and shared it on Twitter.”

6. Write in active voice

Be energetic in your writing by using active voice. It’ll immediately quicken the tempo of your writing and power up your words.

Example: Instead of “The car was completely crushed by the truck” you can write, “The truck completely crushed the car.”

7. Watch your punctuation

Always check your commas and periods before your post goes live. Because if used improperly, they can make your writing sound quite the opposite of what you intended.

Example: “Let’s eat mom!” should be “Let’s eat, mom!”

8. Get rid of unnecessary expressions

If possible, always cut extra expressions that don’t offer much value to your writing.

Example: “During the course of the investigation, the police found a broken mirror” can be “During the investigation, the police found a broken mirror.”

9. Use metaphors

One way to really spark your writing is through metaphors. By exaggerating a little, you expand your reader’s imagination on what you really wished to say.

Example: Instead of “When I told my friend that Leonardo DiCaprio was in our office, he was excited” write “When I told my friend that Leonardo DiCaprio was in our office, he was on the edge of his seat.”

10. Emphasize actions with adverbs

One of the most effective way to express your actions is to use adverbs (e.g. gently, warmly, aggressively, honestly, passionately). Your writing will sound more colorful and vivid.

Example: Instead of “Watch this scene. It’s awesome!” write “Watch this scene carefully. It’s awesome!”

11. Turn off your screen

Sometimes, it’s hard to resist editing when writing our first draft. To resolve that perfectionist habit, try turning off your monitor screen and let your thoughts run loose as you type. It’s pretty effective!

Once you’re done, you could go back and edit your draft. Overall, you save yourself a ton of time.

12. Take advantage of “All I need”

Use these 3 magical words to persuade your readers to follow your command and motivate them to take action.

They’ll respond fast, especially if you give them a positive comment.

Example: Instead of “I’m so grateful you took the time to read my post. Now help me spread the word!” try “I’m so grateful you took the time to read my post. All I need is for you to help me spread the word!”

Editor’s note: Giving credit to Josh Spector for his original post: The Two Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Writing Forever.

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