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10 free image sources for a stunning blog post

Handpicked selections of the best.

How hard is it to write a stunning blog post?


Just punch down the most ingenious idea you have on the keyboard. Throw in some magical quotes to trigger some deep emotions that’d beckon people to highlight (or possibly bookmark) your post. Then slap on a suitable image for your blog header to finish off your ‘masterpiece.’

But frankly, it’s not a ‘masterpiece’ when you carelessly pick an image that…

1) doesn’t align with your story.
2) takes you less than 1 minute to find.
3) everyone else is using.

Now as a blogger who writes on a weekly basis, I’ve been running out of great images to use. Or to rephrase it better, I’ve been running into the same images, over and over again. And I felt so sick of them all that I was actually considering whether I should hire a professional to shoot photos solely for my blog.

But that’s out of my budget now.

That’s why I’ve spent a few hours searching for the top sources that offer the finest images for blog posts. The best part is these images are all free for you to use — for both personal and commercial use!

1. Unsplash

Originally created by Crew because of a strong distaste for low-quality and expensive stock photos, Unsplash brings top notch images from over 40,000 photographers. If you haven’t been on Unsplash, it might become your #1 place to go to for images.


One thing I like about is that it offers a TON more images than Unsplash does. Their team carefully selects and adds the highest quality, highest resolution photos from around the web and from photographers. The best part is they make it stupid easy for you to search within categories.

3. Pexels

Pexels is similar to in curating a huge collection of high-quality photos. Right now, they have over 15,000 free stock photos, and every month they add in another 3,000 new high resolution photos. That’s more than enough to find a nice image for your blog post.

4. Getrefe

If you dig deep enough and keep scrolling, you’ll eventually come across some unique images — especially if you’re a food blogger, a lifestyle blogger, or an entrepreneur.

5. Albumarium

Most images you see on curated image sites, you won’t find on Albumarium. Best source if you’re seeking nature, travel, and people pictures. Be sure you check their popular albums — they don’t disappoint.

6. LibreStock

LibreStock is like the Google for stock photos. They frequently scan and index photos from 40+ websites, bringing you some of the highest-quality stock photos from the internet. Why not save time from researching and check Librestock first? 😉

7. Lifeofpix

Authentic. Sentimental. Inspiring. These are the words I think of whenever I take a glance at Lifeofpix’s images. Best image source for those telling a life-touching story.

8. Fancy Crave

Every day designer and photographer, Igor Ovsyannykov, publishes two new images on his site, FancyCrave. His goal is to offer people images that are authentic, emotionally driven, and tells a story.

9. Magdeleine

As Magdeleine’s slogan goes, “hand-picked free photos for your inspiration.” Take a look, you’ll quickly realize most of the images evoke strong emotions, which is perfect for story-telling or to paint the picture of your journey. Ideal source for travel/lifestyle blogs too!

10. Death to the Stock Photo

It’s only been two years, and now DeathtoStock is one of top images sources recommended by designers, bloggers, and creatives. You’ll soon find out why once you start browsing. Unfortunately there’s no search option here, but keep scrolling down and you might come across a few rare photos you’ll like!

Did I miss any? If so, what image source would you recommend that has eye-catching images?

Drop it in the comments below — I’d love to check out what you use. 🙂

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